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About FoggyStop®

FoggyStop is an innovative product of American company SIGNUS Technology Corp. It prevents fogging and the formation of frost on the inside of your car's windshield. No more scrubbing, scrapers, or sprays.
FoggyStop automatically ensures that the humidity level in your vehicle remains below the dew point, therefore making it impossible for fog, frost, or ice to accumulate.

Here are just a few advantages of using FoggyStop

- Improves driving conditions by preventing fog, frost, and ice from obstructing your view of the road and your fellow drivers.

- Eliminates the laborious effort required to scrape your windshield sufficiently clean of ice.

- Absorbs everyday odors such as those generated by smoking in your vehicle or using your car to transport pets, especially dogs.

- Reduces the risk of corrosion, particularly of the floorboards.

- Can be easily mounted anywhere inside your vehicle.

- Works as advertised for a minimum of three years.

- Includes a colorimetric hygrometer which indicates a rise or fall in your car's interior humidity level utilizing a scale of color variations to reflect the changes.

Certifikát Foggystop Anyone who has experienced the stress, frustration, and potential danger of a fogged-up or iced-over windshield will appreciate such a convenient and applicable solution. This product significantly decreases your risk of unsafe driving by making sure you never again have to operate your vehicle with anything less than maximum visibility. FoggyStop has even been demonstrated to work successfully in the extreme conditions of the Austrian Alps.

FoggyStop is certified by Czech state testing.

As an added bonus, our special warranty allows you to purchase FoggyStop risk-free: in addition to our standard two-year warranty, we will accept returns of this product within 30 days of its purchase in exchange for a full refund (less the cost of shipping).

Are you still undecided? Not sure if FoggyStop will really work for you? Our sections on technical information and the experiences of drivers will give you further appreciation of this new and useful product.

Remember: windshields blurred by fog, frost, or ice are more dangerous than you may realize. Countless accidents are caused by nothing more than low visibility obscuring your view of the road. With FoggyStop you no longer need to risk the safety of yourself, your friends and family, and your fellow drivers. Not only will you save on all that wasted fuel used to heat your car and only partially and imperfectly defrost your windows; more importantly, you will drastically reduce a substantial hazard when driving in any and all adverse conditions.

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