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Specifications and technical information

The fog and freezing on the inside glass in the car is due to condensation of water vapor in the air on the cold glass surface. While is the temperature lower and higher the water vapor content, then the risk of so-called dew point on the windscreen is higher. Many drivers know from experiences that just wet clothes of the crew, a little snow on clothes and sometimes even just breathing inside can make the windows foggy. Scratching the frost is ineffective for two reasons:

1. Unless the heater fully heated, the window is still freezing and do not allow safe driving, or driving at all.
2. Scraped frost melt on the dashboard and then re-creates the moist air in the car, so the next day is situation similar.

FoggyStop is a device that prevents fogging and icing glass car modifying humidity below the dew point. Also includes a colorimetric hygrometer, which changes color depending on the humidity in the car. Adjustment of humidity is made by special agents with the surface of 90 m2 / g, so the total surface area is more than 1 million m2. With this surface and shaped crystals lead to adsorption of moisture and odors in the car. The absorbed moisture stays inside and not evaporate. Content can be easily recovered (get rid of moisture) in a microwave or electric oven and reused.

Absorbent material is completely inert, ie. that it not release any substances, while absorbing many hazardous substances. For this reason, we recommend every 3 years to replace it. Absorbing material was tested in laboratories. There are no negative effects on the human body and it´s made of compounds that are commonly found in nature, but are regulated by special technological process to ensure the perfect hygroscopic properties.

Note: Despite the declared product safety, keep the product out of reach of children under 3 years.

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