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Traiva Company Ltd. is a sponsor of motorsports, Traiva-Valašská rallye show.

For racing cars is fogging glasses even bigger problem than for conventional cars.
It is one of the nightmares of racing drivers. FoggyStop is the only perfect solution.

What is the life of the product/content packaging?
Lifetime manufacturer's guarantee is 3 years.
The indicator of moisture content can be and needs filling rid of moisture contained in the microwave for 2 minutes.

FogyStop has any negative effects?
The filling is completely inert, which means that it does not release even trace amounts of substances.
On the contrary, due to its surface absorbs odors contained in moisture.

What if the packaging product damaged?
The product has a double cover. If both yet to cut packaging and pouring the contents is sufficient surface vacuum cleaner.

FogyStop is really effective in all weather conditions?
In tests so far only observed exception is when the snow is strongly damped carpets and seats, outdoor relative humidity is high, immediately after soaking the car is closed, During the day the sun shines into the car and at night is below freezing. In this case it is possible that the rate of drying air is not sufficient.

Can be used FoggyStop for trucks, vans?
Yes. However, it is necessary to estimate the free space in the cabin that corresponds to the volume of car-middle class.
If the volume by more than 1/4 more, you must use 2 pieces of packing FoggyStop.

What if my car will not work FoggyStop?
Do not worry about the effectiveness of the product. Nevertheless, we provide an extended, 30-day return guarantee and the full price including shipping, if you're not fully satisfied with the product.

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